Jogging can lose fat

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Movement gap three minutes of rest law. Participate in the breath of experience in the movement of people has the movement, this time a little rest. A short pause between the exercise, human muscles can make energy supplement, used for the next campaign. However, what you really need to rest more than a long time in order to add enough energy? Not long ago, scientists at the University of Kansas found the answer.
The researchers designed a set of elected movement, trying to find between each group movement, muscle is what you really need more than a long period of rest to recover. They recruited 28 men exercise regularly, and let them choose the barbell up to the maximum limit, and take them up to complete the number of 75%, 12 times the number of the first group exercise to be completed as a formal test. Completed the first group of sports scientists volunteers to rest for 1 minute before the next group of elected, 3 minutes, 5 minutes.

Scientists found that the recommended length of time to rest between two times in the next campaign to complete the recommended number of very large effects. When volunteers in sport you only 1 minute of rest between the two groups, the next one can be nominated 5 times, which is more than half of their number can be done for the first time less. Volunteer to rest 3 minutes between two group exercise, group 10 times. If the two groups held up for more than 3 minutes of rest between, say, 5 minutes, next to recommended and there is no corresponding increase in the number of completed. This note, rest 3 minutes after the muscles have been fully restored.

What does this mean? This shows the rest how long should rest the purpose. If the goal is to complete the three groups elected action, each 10 times, then rest 3 minutes between each set of actions will not bring any benefit because the longer rest time. In order to promote muscle growth, strong physique, each time to rest between the action in just 1-2 minutes, this is because the short rest periods can arouse greater growth hormone response.

We know that the left hemisphere of the brain in charge of language, logic, and sequence of mental activity. Right hemisphere of the brain in charge of non-verbal, non-logical thinking, perception, intuition thinking in terms of total activities such as feelings. We work with continuity, such as thinking, writing articles for a long time, schedule, is the left brain. Segmentation of work, such as copied material, telephone, fax, copying, statistics, accounting, is using the right brain. If we work day must be completed, divided into such two types of alternating left and right brain, we can make rotation to rest, reducing the feeling of tension, eliminate fatigue, and also enable a more focused, improve work efficiency.

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Jogging can lose fat

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This article was published on 2012/02/28