Making Strikes in Bowling

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All bowlers dream of consistently throwing strikes.  A strike is worth ten points and to throw a perfect 300 you must throw a strike every time you step to the line.

These are a few guidelines that will enable you to be more consistent in throwing strikes, whether playing with your friends or just practicing on your own.

1.  A lot of beginning bowlers don't realize that they should have a consistent starting position when trying to throw strikes. You decide where your strike position is depending on what type of shot is consistently producing strikes for you.

There are bowlers that can make strikes just by throwing basic straight shots. Others are likely to get rid of the side pins (the 7, 5, and 10 pins) with a good hook shot.

After you find your perfect position on the bowling lane, remember its location by counting the number of boards. You should place your foot right in the center of the arrows (dots) that mark those boards. This is called your "fixed strike position."

2.  Do you believe that hitting the head pin will always lead to a strike? Well, that's not necessarily true. It's true that you do need to hit the head pin, because the only way to get a strike is to knock down all the pins.

Keep in mind that a lot of the time a straight shot will usually only knock down the center pins. Then you're left with the side pins just hanging out there.  That's what happens more than half the time. What's the solution for that? You need to learn how to hook your bowling ball so there will be a greater impact when it hits.

When throwing a hook shot the ball will start out travelling in a straight line, but just before it hits the pins it will curve. This curve is more effective in knocking down those stray pins that won't go down with a straight shot.

3.  If you are right-handed try to throw the ball so that it rolls to the right (or to the left if you are left-handed). Your ball should travel the last few boards by the gutter.

This can be tricky though and if you miscalculate you'll end up with a gutter ball. It takes a lot of practice, but once you master this approach it will be easy to consistently repeat it for lots of strikes.

If you target the side of the bowling lane this will ensure that your bowling ball will curve at the right time and at the right spot.  If done properly, when the bowling ball hooks, it will hit the area directly behind that head pin. This is the best place to make contact for strikes, because the impact will send both the center and side pins all over the place. This greatly increases your chance of getting a strike.

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Making Strikes in Bowling

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Making Strikes in Bowling

This article was published on 2013/06/24