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The Paracord survival bracelets are getting more and more popular for several reasons. You can carry several feet of Paracord by using the survival bracelet…Every inch of a bracelet is around one foot of Paracord. You can use it in an emergency situation because the curved side buckles are 5/8” for a maximum convenience, strength and comfort.

When purchasing these unique parachute bracelet's you are showing support nationally, locally and personally. Parachute cord bracelets are worn for many reasons by both military members and civilians. Family and friends show support and remembrance for military service men and women who are prisoners of war (POW), missing in action (MIA), and patriotism. Others wear the bracelets to remember the time they have served in the military.
These bracelets come in a lot of color or pattern. They consist of lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of United States parachutes during World War II.

Paracord Bracelet are also worn to support school spirit by having their own school colors. You can also celebrate your favorite college and sports teams by wearing their colors.

The paracord bracelet is very durable and available in different sizes and is reversible!

If you do not find the bracelet you want, you can make it by yourself. You will need the tools like paracord, scissors, side release buckle and a lighter.

Wrap your wrist and in the end where the paracord meet, you take the mark. Hold the paracord, find the loop's center, and pull it. You need to tie the cords tightly with the buckle. The free cord's end should be tied in the other part of the buckle.

Then, you will have to measure the distance between the buckle's parts. Keep the cord's length an inch longer than the size of your wrist. This will keep your bracelet loose enough on your wrist. You can create the loop as you like and desire. After the loop is done, ensure that it’s tight enough.

Use the scissors to get rid the extra cord. You can make the bracelet from several loop's style and different colors. You can use the buckle and also the button. To prevent the cord from the raveling, melt the cord's end with the lighter.

You can also find key chain, zipper pull, buckles, skull beads and so on! Someone told me that in a very near future we will find paracord survival necklace too!

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Paracord Survival Bracelets

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This article was published on 2013/03/29