Sightseeing At The Volga

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Finding a brochure of the Volga on the Soviet motor ship Alexander Pushkin, we were all assured of the idea. It felt like we made a humble discovery as we rode the first Volga ship to have an entire American group. In these waters ships that have passengers, mostly workers on break, families on a holiday, come through.

Made near Vienna, Alexander Pushkin stretches about 360 feet wide, can carry 220 people on board and moves swiftly. The spacious cabins, when our beds were folded, allowed us to take pleasure in champagne parties. Moving along Don, slowly for 10 days and 1,135 miles was our journey for Rostov.

To get to the Volga cruise required is to take plenty of other rides, like planes and buses and ferries and even trains. We got the opportunity to visit Moscow and Leningrad after the cruise came to a close. Most American travel agencies do not have cruises to the Volga partially because the soviet agencies want ships to be rented out. Volga ships have not increased to ten which holds many people who can now see the beauty of the place.

It would cost about $1,900 for the next two to three cruises that a New York based company is tentatively planning for next year. New people and shire side tours await you as you go on a Volga cruise that cost about seven maybe eight hundred dollars. It is during the night time that the boat sails to another destination and the daytime is spent enjoying the places we visit.

Russian polices are often the topic with the 9 academes on the ship with us. Instead of a roundtable discussion it turns into speeches and opinionated lectures. The upside though is we get to be on a boat with the Russians. They do many things like dance and flirt and play. The selection of alcohol for the bars gives them more energy to take longer discussions.

Making its way to the cabins is the sound of the waters. But the Volga, longest waterway in Europe, is no longer the meandering river of medieval legend because massive Soviet hydroelectric power developments have transformed the river into a series of vast lakes. Factories that pollute the world and apartment buildings are what people can see in the surroundings instead or old villages. The new Volgograd welcomes a new kind of life.
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Sightseeing At The Volga

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This article was published on 2010/11/21