The Importance Of Bleachers To Culture And Their Uses

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Nowadays most people take bleachers for granted since they are so commonly located at sporting events.  They are used daily in people's lives all around the world, but few ever ponder where they came from or how they became what they are today.  These seats will more than likely never go away, though they have been around for a while and have not changed much.

To make a good seating solution for huge events, tiered seat structures were invented.  There are a lot of folks that wanted to attend games increasingly over the years, considering all the sports became quite popular around that time.  Since stadium structures were expensive to construct, smaller teams struggled in accommodating large crowds.  Given the diverse heights of people, it was challenging to see the game clearly whether sitting or standing.

Wood was the first material used for building these seats.  The seats would eventually sit out in the open all day and be worn down by the weather and sun.  Just like bleach does to fabrics, the sun would take the color from these seats.  At first the term did not only apply to seats but people too, but the term bleacher was then born.  The term even continued long after the bleachers were created out of aluminum, which prevented splinters and made for a stronger sitting area.

Bleachers also have terms and connotations associated with them given their popular adoption.  Bleachers usually had nothing underneath them except a support design, but sometimes they would have indoor areas such as locker rooms or workplaces.  One of the terms, “under the bleachers”, typically refers to the 50’s and when high school or college students would sneak below to do things they did not want others to discover.  At the exact same time, bleacher also refers to the innocence of most middle and high school students depending on the location.

Today, there are numerous types of bleachers that one can sit down on.  Bleachers that pull out from a wall or sit completely flush when stored are classified as folding bleachers.  Permanent sporting areas normally have immobile bleacher structures that are usually substantial.  In order to have a location that can be arranged differently based on circumstances or upgraded eventually, portable bleachers are most commonly used.  It is common to find bleachers made out of a variety of materials based on performance versus cost that is required for the customer or application in question.

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The Importance Of Bleachers To Culture And Their Uses

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The Importance Of Bleachers To Culture And Their Uses

This article was published on 2011/12/06