The Novice’s Guide To Purchasing Stadium Bleachers

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Huge crowds and limited seating creates a volatile crowd. Seating arrangements for large crowds is best provided in the form of aluminum bleachers that act as a flexible counterpart to individual seats that need people to manually arrange them. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor stadiums, bleachers are the most wonderful solution for offering seating to a large number of spectators. Another great feature about most bleachers is that they often come created with wheels, making them great to move and transport from location to location. Before you run off and buy any bleachers, please understand some of these factors to help you locate the best seats.

Row and Length

The row and length of bleachers control the seating choices available to your stadium or field. You may want to fit 48 people per set of bleachers, but what you come to find out is that 24-foot aluminum bleachers are too big and you opt for smaller bleachers in order to fit spectators. While trying to include enough seating for spectators, you decide to find seats with more rows but that are smaller in length in order to fit the number of potential spectators. You want to order seats from a company that sells several alternatives, allowing you to customize the seating arrangement however necessary in order to prevent mishaps while seating large crowds.

Building Codes

The building codes for your city will determine the class of bleachers you can order and what modifications need to be made to bring them up to code. Be sure you are aware of exactly the type of bleacher you can buy to prevent having to deal with the trouble of trying to return a big item and possibly not getting all your money back because of the company’s return policy.

Movable and Collapsible

Purchase seats that offer mobility and flexibility, meaning that you want to order seats with wheels that can be folded for storage. Save yourself the hassle and get seats with these two features, especially if you are a park and recreation official, as you never know when you may need to transport different bleachers to different gyms or parks within your city to offer more seats. Collapsible seats serve as the perfect stadium bleachers because if the indoor gym has various basketball courts, you can fold the seats and make enough room to play games without having to move the seats from one portion of the gym to another.

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The Novice’s Guide To Purchasing Stadium Bleachers

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The Novice’s Guide To Purchasing Stadium Bleachers

This article was published on 2011/10/06